Gawker Media hacked; passwords leaked, then analyzed

Gawker Media hacked; 188, 279 passwords revealed, then analyzed by the Wall Street Journal. "Monkey" is in the top 10? Makes me feel positively brilliant with my password choices across the board. Although judging by my own password choices, I'd wager (hope?) that people don't really go crazy with difficult passwords for media sites like … Continue reading Gawker Media hacked; passwords leaked, then analyzed

The nature of identity

One of my favorite television shows is the recently cancelled "Dollhouse." An examination of the nature of identity and the existence of the human soul, set in a not-so-fictional real-world that questions the relationship between these two core ideas and tangibles like society, technology, greed, desire, and commerce, "Dollhouse" stands as a work of art … Continue reading The nature of identity