AAJA16: Presidential Forum Update

Great news: in addition to Bill Clinton (as proxy for Hillary Clinton) and Gary Johnson, Jill Stein will be joining our APIAVote/AAJA Presidential Forum on Friday, August 12 here in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Caesar’s Palace — I say “here” because that’s where I am for the AAJA Conference. That means there will be representation from the Democratic, Libertarian, and Green parties. Negotiations are still ongoing with the Trump campaign.

Update as of Friday morning: 

Watch the forum live this afternoon!

The Trump campaign is sending Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes on his behalf:

APIAVote and AAJA have confirmed that President Bill Clinton will speak on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton, joined by campaign surrogate Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes on behalf of the campaign for Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpLibertarian presidential nominee Governor Gary Johnson and Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein will directly address the audience at the Forum.

In addition, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) led by Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Mike Honda will attend and speak to the community about the importance of this year’s election, civic engagement, and the community’s vote.

Use the hashtag #PowerUp to join the conversation online!


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