Being on hurricane watch

I have been on hurricane watch for the better part of 36 hours. This and this is what I have to show for it:

Yesterday, I had a hurricane news-induced headache. Now, not so much as other things are competing for my attention (I live on the border between Zones B and C, and have family in Zones B and A).

Throughout it all, I have had big dreams of this sort of coverage boosting our paper’s online readership and general brand recognition as the go-to place for all things southern Brooklyn.

Of course, more manpower would be ideal, but as it is, we’re making do with our mix of full-time, part-time, freelancer and interns. I think we’re doing a great job.

Anyway, this morning, my mom and I took down the flower pots, shoved lawn furniture into the shed, put the garbage cans in the garage, shoved more pots between the shed and the fence, tried to get the neighbor’s garbage cans and shovel out of the way (they are not home and left everything out), put one car in the garage, and moved the toilet paper and bottled water to higher ground.

Now I’m trying to decide where to put my basil plant pot. while posting updates and doing laundry. And charging the camera and video camera batteries. Nearly all weekend events and meetings have been cancelled.

As much as the weather-related damage worries me, I am going to relish staying in with no one telling me I’m being lazy. Here’s to hoping the power doesn’t cut out so updates and food will stay around! Stay safe, everyone.

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