Résumé & Testimonials

Areas of Expertise:

  • art and performing arts
  • Asian American/race, identity issues
  • breaking news
  • Brooklyn
  • features (profiles, analysis, interviews)
  • food (culture, eating, cooking, local)
  • health and wellness (primarily women, children, special needs, and seniors)
  • urban news (business, education, environment, transportation)


Renee Giordano, executive director, Sunset Park Business Improvement District

Heather is very conscientious about her work. She is proficient at using social media to bring the news and information to the public in a fashion that is coherent, enjoyable and easy to follow. She is passionate and dedicated to her work and gathering the correct information.

Robert M. Errera, former assistant production editor, Brooklyn Media Group

“Heather’s dedication knows no bounds. She always makes sure to get quality work done within her short deadlines and remains ready to tackle new challenges, interact with new people, and find new story angles. She is a woman interested in the world, and somehow always finds the words to describe it.”

Lindsay J. Warner, former arts & culture editor, The Bulletin 

“Heather was always the first intern in and the last to leave at night, and she worked with a dogged persistence to get the job done. She was willing to expand into other sections of the newspaper, and often pitched timely and relevant culture stories. She is extremely hard working, and would be an asset on any team.”

Susanna Rasmussen, former senior editor, New York Moves

“Heather is a sharp, conscientious team player who crushed all of our deadlines, took on extra work when needed and always had a sharp eye for detail.”

Michelle Hutchinson, C. P. H., owner/editor, Wordhelper Professional Editing and Writing Services

“Heather was my managing editor at Purun New York when I performed contract work for the company, writing and editing a sixth-grade science textbook. Her feedback was always prompt and constructive, and she had a terrific grasp of the cognitive abilities of our target audience. I would recommend her as a managing editor for any media outlet.”


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