A Journalist’s Easter Question: what comes after resurrection?

Journalism Is Not Dead!

On the first day of grad school, our professors repeated what they’d told us during orientation: journalism is a craft, not an absolute. It has structure, but is ever-changing.

In short, journalism is a necessary paradox. And the future to keeping that paradox alive and kicking butt is to adapt, innovate, and integrate across media platforms.

Brand yourself

Now that I am no longer a student, I get to be that other “in-between” is-it-professional? designation: the freelancer.

At once restricting and liberating.

Today, I spent a decent chunk of the day immersed in figuring out how to design my own websites. I’ve launched and maintained blogs before, but the set-up was always already just there for me to update and tinker with – I didn’t have say over how it looked, what functionalities the layout should have, or how to really sell the image. I didn’t have to create a brand. Now I’m creating a brand and figuring out what exactly the brand is is really important because the brand’s focus is me.

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